Monday, October 5, 2009

I'm in Craftgawker!!

I currently have six(6) photos that have been accepted on craftgawker. If you don't know about this site, check out the beautiful photos submitted by crafters and artist. Only the best get selected. Check them out at

All six of these items are currently available in my etsy store at

Friday, October 2, 2009

TGIF, Fall Colors - American Beauty

Just listed today in my Etsy store. Sky blue simulated cabochon on a half round sterling band.

Here is my next shop item that coordinates with the Hot Fall Colors for 2010.

Red Jasper ring set in split sterling band, also available in my shop.

Have a happy weekend everysone!!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Just Finished, So Proud!!

I just finished these two rings and I am so pleased at how they came out! I've always loved turquoise and my new favorite stone is ocean jasper in all it's various colors. I have some more ocean jasper cabs to be made in to other pieces also. These two rings were just posted to my Etsy store.


Ocean Jasper

"The hazy, cloudless skies of Indian Summer. Leaves scurrying down the street before the wind. The cold shiver from an arctic blast. Indian Summer. The last warmth of the sun. Chilly mornings and glorious warm afternoons. The Harvest Moon. The Hunter's Moon. The Rainy Season. Dry corn stalks clattering in the wind. The touch of frost on grass and window pane. The smell of burning leaves."- Keith C. Heidorn

The next of the Fall Colors series - American Beauty

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Who is Shopping Online?

As a artist/crafter/seller online have you wondered who are those persons sitting behind a computer or on a cellphone trolling your site. This question I've pondered over and over in an attemp to get them to come to my webstore and buy. E-Commerce usage is at an all time high versus walking through the strip mall and giant malls of today. I came across this informative article regarding the profile of the average Etsy buyer:

Fall Colors - Purple Heat

This purple cz ring is currently available in my Etsy store:

Monday, September 28, 2009

Fall Colors 2010 (cont) - Burnt Sienna

As promised, here is my next entry for items in my Etsy store which are similar to my previously posted Top Ten Colors for Fall 2010.

This spiny oyster and sterling ring in available in my Etsy store at: Check out my other items.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Saturday, Great Day

Very good weekend Saturday. The weather here in SE Michigan was on the cool side and we decided to get some soup from Zoup. We got seafood chowder and turkey chili plus two great salads. I ate the chowder and saved the chili for tomorow. So good with the french bread we got.

I completed two pendants and three rings. Check out my Etsy store next week when I list the new designs. Perhaps I'll get a chance to take pics of them tomorrow and post in my blog.

What I do have are pics of some of my newest cabochons. I'm really looking forward to what I can do with these.

At the top, Indonesian coral, sonoran sunrise. In the middle, chinese writing stone and ocean jasper. At the bottom, ocean jasper.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Fall Colors, Honey Yellow

As promised I am adding one more of my items from my Etsy store which match one of the top 10 colors for the fall. I love yellow, no matter what time of year it brightens the spirit and the body!

***Don't forget 10% off one single item from my Etsy store if you leave a comment in my blog and add Top Ten Fall colors in the message to seller section. Offer ends Oct 11, 2009

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fall Colors for 2009

I by no means consider myself a fashionista but I have always enjoyed color and it's affect on our world. I've found these ten (10) hot color choices for fall 2009. Enjoy incorporating touches of these in your wardrobe, home decor ,jewelry and your artistic creations.

So for you fashion conscious, its off to the mall or your favorite online site. If you're a crafter/artist like me, its off to the bead store, artist supply, fabric store, etc to find new additions to our private stashes. Happy shopping!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Great Weekend Under the Trees

This weekend we did the Art Under the Trees art fair in Garden City, MI. The day started by having to set up in the rain. Thank goodness, Pat, Mary's husband did the setting up of our E-Z Up tent. About 10:00 am the rain finally stopped. We met so many great people, both the organizers and the fair visitors. I saw so many great dogs too! If I had a house and not a condo I would definetly have a pooch of our own in addition to our cat.

The sales were surprisingly good for our Michigan economy. The Arts Council in Garden City is a grass roots organization of people working very hard to bring the arts to this bedroom community.

After doing the bookeeping for our show and saying yipee, I posted the following rings to my Etsy store. Here is the red jasper and sterling ring I posted.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Harry Potter, Twilight and So On

Its currently raining here in Michigan which motivates me to get to work on some more pieces. I guess I am probably one of the last persons to read Twilight. Being a Harry Potter fan I haven't been that interested. I've watched some of my 6th grade students really get into the book which I guess is a good thing since I teach language arts!

This summer I've been reading Greg Iles' "Blood Money", a thick book, which I like and it's quite intense. I was looking for something easier/quicker and decided to finally start the first Twilight book. It hasn't grabbed me like everyone else said it would but I'm only on chapter three.

Here's a ring that I listed on Etsy this morning with a kind of Twilight flavor to it.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Repair and Create, and On the Road Again

My flexishaft has been sick and is currently in repair. Hurray! Today I get to pick it up at my favorite jewelers supply, Armstrong Tools, in Livonia. Luckily the shaft needed replacing at a cost of about eight dollars. I'm off to pick it up.

Mary and I just completed the Ann Arbor Street Fair this past weekend. I demo's riveting, a type of cold connection. We had a blast, tons of people attending the four different fairs. We're off to do a two day show in Garden City, MI for their Arts Council. This is the first year for this event, so we're trying to get in on the ground level if it becomes a hit. I'll be in the basement completing pieces for Saturday this week.

At the end of next week we're off to do an art fair in conjunction with the River Raisin Jazz Festival, in Monroe, MI. This fair is a two day event and I must drive about one hour to get there. After two day I'm usually dog tired.

I am including pics of my first shipment to my first out of state gallery, the Artisan Studio in Clinton, Tennessee. I was fortunate to have been contacted by them to represent my jewelry. In addition to this one I am currently at On the Ave, a gallery and restaurant featuring the art of Michigan artists in Jackson, Michigan.

The second pic shows the jewelry to be sent, the first shows it ready to be shipped. I'm very excited to see how my jewelry is accepted.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New Items

These rings came out great! I will be posting them in my Etsy store over the next couple of days.

I've really come to love working with natural stones in my jewelry and I'm becoming quite a rockhound. Now I have to organize all these!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Simple Post Earrings

I love the simplicity of post earrings. Here are some I just finished and will be on sale in my Etsy store.

Peach Moonstone & Sterling
Gray Freshwater Pearl & Sterling

Malachite & Sterling

Carnelian & Sterling

Black Onyx & Sterling

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