Friday, July 30, 2010

Ann Arbor Art Fair
OMG we made it through one of the most challenging art fairs I've every done. The Ann Arbor Art Fair is actually four fairs in one. It ocurs the third week of July for four days. It is the grand daddy and oldest art fair around. Starting in 1960 it has grown by leaps and bounds. I was a part of the Michigan Silversmith Guild booth. It was a two booth space with nine artist and various demo artists throughout the days.

Day one started out well but the temps hit the high eighties and low nineties, with high humidity. We drank H2O all day and rairly went to the little girls room! Everyone was hot and sweatly. Day two, Thursday brought a large storm ,rains and a tornado moving across our state. Day 3 was the killer. Luckily I was off, but in the afternoon another storm blew in during the late afternoon. The fair organizers called the show for the day about 4:00pm. There was 4-6 inches in our and other booths. My booth mates championed the cause, removed everything except the displays and got out of Dodge. Day 4 was the best. Light sprinkles during the day, the temps went down and the humidity subsided.

Overall, even though the weather was a challenge and the foot traffic was also down we perservered. My thanks to all the Michigan Silversmith Guild for job well done, you deserve it !

Here are some pics from fellow members and me.

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