Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Repair and Create, and On the Road Again

My flexishaft has been sick and is currently in repair. Hurray! Today I get to pick it up at my favorite jewelers supply, Armstrong Tools, in Livonia. Luckily the shaft needed replacing at a cost of about eight dollars. I'm off to pick it up.

Mary and I just completed the Ann Arbor Street Fair this past weekend. I demo's riveting, a type of cold connection. We had a blast, tons of people attending the four different fairs. We're off to do a two day show in Garden City, MI for their Arts Council. This is the first year for this event, so we're trying to get in on the ground level if it becomes a hit. I'll be in the basement completing pieces for Saturday this week.

At the end of next week we're off to do an art fair in conjunction with the River Raisin Jazz Festival, in Monroe, MI. This fair is a two day event and I must drive about one hour to get there. After two day I'm usually dog tired.

I am including pics of my first shipment to my first out of state gallery, the Artisan Studio in Clinton, Tennessee. I was fortunate to have been contacted by them to represent my jewelry. In addition to this one I am currently at On the Ave, a gallery and restaurant featuring the art of Michigan artists in Jackson, Michigan.

The second pic shows the jewelry to be sent, the first shows it ready to be shipped. I'm very excited to see how my jewelry is accepted.

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