Sunday, December 21, 2008

MIA for So Very Long!

It's been so very long since I updated my blog. Like many I have a difficult time dividing my time and getting things in order. If you're new to my blog, my name is Kathryn Ruffin. I'm an educator and crafter/artisan who lives in the south eastern Michigan city of Farmington Hills, just outside of Detroit. I live with my partner, Ken and my tabby cat, Megabyte, both of whom I care about deeply. I currently teach 6th grade English/Language Arts, social studies and reading in the Pontiac, MI school district. Being an educator has been paying the bills for 29 years.

As I sit here, I am looking out my window at the snow dump of two days ago. As a long time midwesterner I am used to a lot of snow, but folks here have gotten spoiled in the past 5 or 6 years of light snow gifts.
It is my intention to share so much with my readers over the coming weeks as I get this blogging thing together. Right now my little digits are in training to post regularly.

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