Thursday, August 19, 2010

No Cable, Internet and Phone/Living Like the 1950's & 60's

For the last two days we have been without cable, internet and phone service. Finally the cable company arrived today and restored the power. Seems someone knocked loose my connection on the outside of our building.

Being without these has been a bit**h for both Ken and I. We're both kids of the 1950's when you only had four tv stations, transistor radios abounded and celluar service was unheard of . Seems our society becomes more and more dependent of these amnetites as the days pass. Growing up in the 50's and 60's was sooo different from today. See if you recognize any of these from your youth. I apologize in advance as I searched for these I couldn't resist This list is long and feel free to add your own.
drive ins

bubble gum cigars

Mr. Ed

bell bottom pants

I Love Lucy

The Twist(dance)

Mad Magazine


TV trays

American Bandstand


Capt Kangaroo

smiley faces

hula hoops

Purple People Eater

penny candy


platform shoes

saddle shoes


Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys


playing jacks

white sidewall tires

juke boxes

stuffing a phone booth

stuffing a VW

sit ins

Cold War

riding ing the car w/o seatbelts

laying in the back window of the car


Howdy Doody

Romper Room

sock hops

Sherri Lewis and Lambchop

fins and chrome on cars

57 Chevy

The Lone Ranger

go go boots

dressing up to go to church

drinking from the garden hose


petticoats that scratch

Being gone all day playing somewhere on your street

Red Rover

Lava Lamps

White Castle Hamburgers

Aqua Net

Evening in Paris cologne

beers that required an opener

MD 40/40

putting a ballon on your bike tires to sound like a motorcycle

Whew! What a list. Please add your own memories to this list in the comment section and keep the list going!

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