Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Spring Trends 2008

Spring Trends for 2008!!

Hopefully you are thinking ahead to spring to update your wardrobes. Are you wondering what special pieces will be essential to your look? Read on for the jewelry trends for this spring. In coming blog entries I will write about upcoming color trends.

Spring Jewelry Trends for 2008
by Kristie Leong M.D., Feb 5, 2008

Warm weather will be here soon and so will the latest springtime fashions. Here are some of the hottest jewelry trends for spring 2008.

Spring will soon arrive and along with it comes a host of new fashion trends and ideas. One area where spring 2008 will really sparkle is jewelry. Jewelry trends will run the gamut from classic designs to the sculpted and bold. Here are some of the best spring jewelry trends for 2008:

Gemstone Jewelry
Gemstone jewelry will take on fashion importance for the spring of 2008. Popular gemstones run the full gamut with an emphasis on blue shades of stones such as aquamarine and blue sapphires. Although blue will rule, gemstones in all colors will reign supreme when incorporated into necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Amethyst, peridot, and opal will be popular gemstones and will coordinate beautifully with springtime clothing fashions. Semiprecious stones such as lapis lazuli and moonstones will also be seen on a variety of jewelry designs.

The Hoop Earring
Hoops make an important fashion statement for the trendy ear this spring with hoop sizes running the full range from huge, oversized single hoops to the popular interlocking triple hoop earring. Look for hoops decorated with gemstones in popular shades of blue and green such as aquamarine and peridot for an ultra trendy spring look.

The Classic Pendant
Jewelry takes on a more traditional look for spring 2008 with the reappearance of the classic heart motif worn as a simple pendant. Although this look will be in strong demand around Valentine's Day, expect to see its popularity continue throughout the spring and summer. You'll also see a variety of pendants worn on simple cords and chains with motifs that reflect the person style of the person wearing them including a favorite stone or symbol that has a special meaning. The classic pendant is an ultra simple look that works well with spring's more detailed, flamboyant clothing.
Cocktail Rings
Cocktail rings worn singularly are in multiples are still a hot item for spring. Cocktail rings are a flashy and attractive way to show off well manicured hands. The range of ring styles to choose from is dazzling. Try cocktail rings set with semiprecious stones such as turquoise, lapis, or jade to coordinate perfectly with the colorful fashions of spring. Wear one bold cocktail ring or several smaller ones to make a fashion forward spring statement that's sure to be in vogue.

This year's spring jewelry trends will add a touch of sparkle to the ears, necks, and wrists of fashion conscious women everywhere. Why not treat yourself to these. (Quazen.com)

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